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I’ve entered in the world of online education. It fits quite well to my unorganized profile: spending several weeks waking up early having a structured life and on the other hand, some other weeks studying and composing in the middle of the night. From what I see, my musician friends are not very different. To be honest, my guitar doesn’t even sound properly in the morning!

Back to the topic, I’ve been listening quite a log about online education. I’ve never dared to try out. To make life even easier, there are several free courses. Indeed, free. With internet connection, wherever you are, you learn. The classic saying “you don’t learn if you don’t want to” becomes even more real.

I’ve started in Khan Academy – Awesome. I wanted to learn more the theory behind Venture Capital and Private Equities and the source was there. I took this course: We musicians are anyway somehow entrepreneurs.

Going further and getting some friends’ advices, I reached Coursera-  and EDX –

I’ve found several courses about music production, guitar technics, recording and others that indirectly help any musician: basics in finance, psycology and etc.

Got interested? Comments? Questions?



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  1. Hi Abdallah,
    Thanks for your blog, Excellent information for all the people interested in new ways of learning.

    My daily life is pretty busy and I use to complain a lot about not having time for taking courses or trainings to enrich my life but reading your entry, reminds me that I can take action on this with just a click.


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