Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Abdallah Harati grew up in São José dos Campos. At home, there wasn’t a single day that passed without the radio on or his mom singing. With his grandparents addicted to the traditional Brazilian music, he couldn’t escape. Uncles and cousins, some amateurs, other professional musicians, music quality was always a must. He started learning music since childhood. Flute, piano and finally the guitar. Even though he completed classical guitar studies, the home influence of Choro and Samba was very strong. At the College in Bauru (country side of São Paulo, Brazil), he had several programs to his credit at the Radio UNESP and performed in several concerts. He had the pleasure to appear as the openings acts for famous artists such as Oswaldo Montenegro and Tom Zé. Awarded at the USP Music Festival in 1994 and 1995, he was already part of the Choro Club in São José dos Campos and had the pleasure to play (and indeed, learn a lot) from Seu Martins, master of the 7 Strings Guitar. In true gypsy nature, he started to travel the world. He spent some time at the famous Berklee College of Music (http://www.berklee.edu/) in Boston. And then in Granada, Spain, at the Carmen de Las Cuevas (http://www.carmencuevas.com/) . Flamenco was a dream! In 1999, Abdallah moved out of Brazil to travel around Latin America, US and Europe. Always with his best friend – the guitar – either the 6 or 7 string (at the end, what matters is to play!), he went everywhere on the planet. He dared even, to invest in the Brazilian Percussion. Back at Brazil in 2002, he established himself in Rio de Janeiro. He was definitely honoured to integrate one of the most amazing initiatives ie to propagate Choro in Brazil – Escola Portátil de Música (EPM – http://www.escolaportatil.com.br/). His masters were Luciana Rabello, Maurício Carrilho, Pedro Amorim, Álvaro Carrilho and Celsinho Silva. An unforgettable experience was the rehearsals (actually they were real Choro classes) at Seu Álvaro’s home, in Acari, Rio de Janeiro. Gypsy nature has no mercy, so in 2006, Abdallah ended up in Dubai, U.A.E. There, he participated in the World Percussion Ensemble – Dubai Drums – and the Dubai Guitar Orchestra. In 2007, forced to enjoy excellent German beer, he ended up in Munich, Germany. Here, he continued to charm his German audiences with his Choro and Samba performances. His favourite audience is now his son, Pedro and daughter Nara. And continuing with his world adventures, he moved to Hanoi in November, 2009 until April 2011. Now he lives in the African Continent, in Nairobi, Kenya. His life goal? To spread Choro and Samba around the world.




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