As guitar player, Abdallah Harati offers a non tradicional solo guitar concert. With a dynamic music set full of choros, sambas and other Brazilian rhythms, the purpose is to entertain and delight the audience through the music.

With flexibility in percussion instruments, 6 and 7 string guitars, Abdallah Harati can join different kind of formations. Experienced in traditional choro ensembles, singers and big bands of jazz, there is a wide range of possibilities including performances, arranging, recording and company events.

The composition tasks are unlimited. Examples are jingles, music tracks for films, songs for Internet pages and ringtones. The final outcome is tailored according to the client needs, and it can include scores editing, arranging and recording.

The scope of the classes are tailored to one’s requirement. It can include ear training, choro & samba history, composition, arranging, harmony, guitar technics, basic computer recording, score editing & recording software and music production.

With extensive experience in marketing, Abdallah Harati consults ensembles and musicians. Examples of this activity are market positioning, artist launch, Internet marketing, marketing channels analysis and etc.

Corporate and Team Building
Based on musical activities, Abdallah Harati implements activities which improves team dynamics relationship, events & meeting coordination, team work cooperation, creativity and communication.



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