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Preto Velho

in 1981, Bebeto made the fantastic song “Preto Velho”. Based on the lyrics, he composed to his grandfather, an afro descent who either him or his mom/dad was forced to move to Brazil. Beautiful song!
I was lucky enough Jana Crivelli (@jcrivelli) introduced it to me and we decided to make an arrangement with berimbau, conga, 8 strings guitar and other percussion instruments. And even nicer, the fantastic Andreas Ehrlein (@andreasqueijo) joint the crew and the single is now out.

In case you are interested to listen the original song, check the link in the bottom.

Veja, Veja

Beautiful capoeira song, recorded with guitar, cavaquinho (first time for me 🙂 ), berimbau and several other Brazilian percussions. Mara Leone is singing and Jana Crivelli in the percussion. It was so fun to record all of that in the Harati Media studios. Hope you enjoy!


Ceci, one my compositions is released today. Happy to get it out, recorded with the eight strings guitar solo. Easy listening, brazilian jazz style, hope to bring you good vibes.

Take Five (Paul Desmond)

I’m honored today to release Take Five, song from Paul Desmond, immortalized by the first record done by Dave Brubeck and then, recorded first time on electric guitar solo by Chet Atkins.

Based on the fantastic version of Chet Atkins, here you have now a version on solo nylon guitar. I’ve actually played on my seven strings guitar, with some Brazilian spices.

Hope you enjoy!

Berimbau (Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes)

This has been always an amazing song for me. Lots of emotions since I’ve learned it, directly from the master Baden Powell, via his recordings. Believe me or not, I believe I’ve started Capoeira because of it.

Today I’m honored. Berimbau is released and you can listen below. Even more, as I had the pleasure to share the emotions together with Jana Crivelli, a fantastic Capoeira teacher and musician, who played the “Curimba” (the name we give to the group of percussion instruments, when used into Afro-Brazilian rhythms).

You will notice a complex tempo, varying frmo 6/8 and 2/4 in the guitar, while the Curimba keeps the 6/8 playing a rhythm called Congo de Ouro.

I hope you enjoy!

Play Along – One Chord

If you want to practice improvisation, scales and etc, it is very nice to have “someone” playing a one chord vamp for certain time. I am recording a series of 5 min videos and believe you could benefit from that.

Caçador Photo Shooting

It is a tremendous benefit to count with a “in-house” photographer, which is also part of Harati Media. Here you have all pictures done for Caçador single.

Photo credits by Petja Harati (https://www.petjaharati.com/)

Baixarias (Bass Line)- Violão de 7 Cordas (7 Strings Guitar)

Not always you have the opportunity to listen only the 7 strings guitar track.

Thanks to Boca Rica, I was invited to play the very traditional guitar to his new album and song Mundo de Ilusão. That’s back to my roots, Dino 7 Cordas “school”. Fantastic production and arrangement by Maurício Ribeiro. I was blessed to get an outstanding guitar arrangement made by Luizinho 7 Cordas.  Stay tuned for the release.

Não é sempre que se tem a oportunidade de escutar apenas a faixa do violão 7 cordas. Obrigado meu amigo Boca Rica pelo convite para gravar o violão bem tradicional do seu novo álbum e música Mundo de Ilusão. Volta as raízes, escola do Dino 7 Cordas. Produção sensacional e excelente arranjo do Mauricio Ribeiro. E ainda sou um abençoado de receber um arranjo especial do Luizinho 7 cordas. Fique ligado!

Caçador – New Single is Released!

New song released today, Caçador is my latest “baby”. Quite an adventure to create this one and I’m pleased to share the background with you. The instruments recorded:

  • Guitar – I’ve used my 8 strings guitar;
  • Berimbau – Tuned to follow the guitar, and I must say, it is always a challenge to get the Berimbau in tune;
  • Shekere – in the last part.
  • Kalabaça – just in the introduction.

I’m truly passioned about mixing Berimbau and Guitar. It does require adjusting the coming and rhythm of the Guitar comping and I simply love that.

Berimbau, an African instrument used also for Capoeira (Brazilian martial art – one of my passions), is played in different rhythms, which are called “Toques” in Portuguese. Each “Toque” defines the pace and the style you play Capoeira. In this song, I’ve used Iúna.

Iúna is a bird and the name of a Capoeira  “Toque” and “Jogo” used for graduated students. And better than too many words, here you have invitation to listen the song below. I hope you enjoy!

My Current IT Gear for Audio and Video

I just noticed it has been long time I don’t update what gear I am using for audio and recently, video recording. I’m my “open book” practice, and sharing everything I use. Also, would be happy to answer questions, listen recommendations and comments. At the end, we all learn a lot from the collaboration and everybody wins. My focus is on acoustic instruments and I record old school, really playing instruments.

So here we go:

  • Computer platform: I’m still using my old iMac 2011. And believe me, still rocks! macOS Catalina and working beautifully. Only additional element is the extra monitor.
  • DAW (Digital Audio Interface): After many years using ProTools, I’ve decided to give it a try to Reaper. Amazing software and that deserves a full post, which I will write soon.
  • Audio Interface: I’ve been a fan of Focusrite. My Scarlett 2i2 1st generation was doing a great job and I’ve learnt a lot with it. Time to upgrade and it would be a no brainer to keep the same interface, but latest generation. But… there’s always a but! I’ve found somewhere the PreSonus ioStation 24c. Couldn’t resist and got one, although I was not sure it would work nicely with Reaper. So far so good, and again, it deserves a dedicated post.
  • I still keep my Mackie Mix8 to act as an audio hub to my speakers. Nothing more than that.
  • Speakers: Genelec is my passion, I’m used to it and how it sounds, so make it easier to mix. I ‘m married with my pair of Genelec 8020A.
  • Headphone: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

More to come on my guitars, other instruments, acoustics and microphones.