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Curumim and Estudo Infantil N. 1 – Singles Released!

My son Pedro was born almost 13 years ago and it was such an important “source” of inspiration. I will save all the details of parenthood, which is something I would call as life transformational. Still, around 2 years later, my daughter Nara was born and more music was produced.

The songs I’ve made for them were released and you can listen them below. Curumim, recorded with two guitars, was made to my son. A 3/4 song, which came straight away by observing how sweet he acts, his movements and particularly his first smile to me. Unforgettable. Estudo Infantil N. 1, recorded with one guitar, 2/4 was made to make my daughter to sleep. She was so peaceful and seemed to enjoy listening the sound of the guitar, which again, came almost automatically by just being next to her.

Hope you enjoy the songs!

Playlist Campaign

Musicians: you all know how important is to get heard once your song is out in the digital platforms.

Are you a non mainstream independent musician and/or group, in the indie, jazz, fusion, choro, samba, baião, forró, côco, maracatu, flamenco and world music space?   

Get to know “The Unknown Space” playlist and feel free to submit your best song to me, so I can add it there. How to do it, in 5 steps: 

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Músicos: vocês sabem o quanto é importante conseguir audiência depois do lançamento das suas músicas nas plataformas digitais.

Você é um músico ou grupo independente, fora do circuito comercial nos estilos indie, jazz, fusion, choro, samba, baião, forró, côco, maracatu, flamenco e world music?

Venha conhecer o playlist “The Uknown Space” e envie sua melhor gravação para ser adicionada, em 5 passos:

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  5. Divirta-se!

Maraca de Prata released!

Today, Maraca de Prata is released. Song from Mestre Humberto de Maracanã, and the style is known as Boi Bumbá, Boi, Boi do Maranhão or Bumba Meu Boi.

You can see below the video we made together with Mestre Boca Rica, the one who came with the suggestion to me.

What a journey to reach the final song. This is a very interesting one as it is polyrhythmic style and instruments are playing in binary and ternary forms. We could say 2/4 and 3/4, or 2/4 and 6/8 and so on. In the guitar, bass line are played in 3 and the treble notes are played in 2. Pretty cool I must say!

A Morte do Capoeira

One more single released today. Thanks a lot to Amuse (https://www.amuse.io) for the outstanding service. Truly appreciate you exist 🙂

This is an interesting song, to mix berimbau and guitar, with lots of improvisation. A cool experimentation for me.

Coroa de Ouro – digital availability

Coroa de Ouro is now available in the digital platform of your choice. Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, YouTube, you choose! I must say that I’m quite impressed with the quality of service that Amuse (www.amuse.io) provides. Outstanding!

I’ve truly enjoyed recording this song! With two guitars, cajon and cuíca, I believe it is the first ever recording of this public domain tune from Brazil.

Coroa de Ouro – now in Apple Music

Coroa de Ouro is now also available in Apple Music (as well as in all other digital platforms). Hope you enjoy! And stay tuned, more songs coming soon.

Coroa de Ouro – Single Released

I’m quite happy to have my single released: Coroa de Ouro!

Amuse, I’m impressed with the fantastic service!

Vim de Aruanda

COVID-19 remote recorded video, from a Capoeira song, arranged for guitar, voices and percussions. With Jana Crivelli, Abelha Iná and Urška Zore

Maraca de Prata

Song from Mestre Humberto de Maracanã.

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Boca Rica and Abdallah Harati

Lama – Mauro Duarte

Boca Rica – Voice

Zé Luiz – Pandeiro

Izol – Cavaquinho

Jabu Morales – Voice

Cutia – Voice

Abdallah Harati – Guitar & Production

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