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My Current IT Gear for Audio and Video

I just noticed it has been long time I don’t update what gear I am using for audio and recently, video recording. I’m my “open book” practice, and sharing everything I use. Also, would be happy to answer questions, listen recommendations and comments. At the end, we all learn a lot from the collaboration and everybody wins. My focus is on acoustic instruments and I record old school, really playing instruments.

So here we go:

  • Computer platform: I’m still using my old iMac 2011. And believe me, still rocks! macOS Catalina and working beautifully. Only additional element is the extra monitor.
  • DAW (Digital Audio Interface): After many years using ProTools, I’ve decided to give it a try to Reaper. Amazing software and that deserves a full post, which I will write soon.
  • Audio Interface: I’ve been a fan of Focusrite. My Scarlett 2i2 1st generation was doing a great job and I’ve learnt a lot with it. Time to upgrade and it would be a no brainer to keep the same interface, but latest generation. But… there’s always a but! I’ve found somewhere the PreSonus ioStation 24c. Couldn’t resist and got one, although I was not sure it would work nicely with Reaper. So far so good, and again, it deserves a dedicated post.
  • I still keep my Mackie Mix8 to act as an audio hub to my speakers. Nothing more than that.
  • Speakers: Genelec is my passion, I’m used to it and how it sounds, so make it easier to mix. I ‘m married with my pair of Genelec 8020A.
  • Headphone: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

More to come on my guitars, other instruments, acoustics and microphones.

EarMaster Review

It is very important to practice “soft skills” in music. Ear Training is probably one of the key aspects of the music studies very commonly overlooked by most of the people.

Why should you invest your precious time in Ear Training? Very simple, you will become a better musician.

There’s no rocket science here. EarTraining means you can sing notes before you play, you can identify the type of chords (major, minor, dominant, augmented, etc), intervals, scales and etc.

There are several ways to practice that. Technology came to help us and you can find many software and applications. 

My preferred one is Ear Master as it simply combines everything in a nice iPad app, with all the functionalities I need. The additional benefits of using a software like that one for music is the fact you get all analytics, progress development and statistics. You can compare your evolution and define goals. And as a side effect, you have it on the go, as it is installed the tablet as well as in your notebook or desktop. All synchronized, so whatever you have completed in one device is already updated everywhere.

Life is getting easier for guitar, piano, flute, clarinet students. And not only them, for all musicians, all instruments. Excuses to not to study are getting over and over. So roll your leaves on and get your Ear Training studies up to speed!


My view review:

Noteflight – Editor de Parituturas Online Gratuito

Um nome um pouco estranho, mas uma excelente descoberta. Já pensou em criar partituras, editar, salvar e compartilhar, tudo online e de graça? Isso é uma revolução para a música mundial! Opções como Sibelius e Finale são maravilhosas, porém muito caras. Violonistas, pianistas, percussionistas sempre buscam algo mais em conta. Me deparei com o Noteflight. Sem versão em português, mas parece ser o “Gmail” dos músicos! Divirtam-se!

Metronomes for Mac

I have been using more and more the desktop to practice guitar. The basics: to have a good metronome. And I’m a fan of free stuff!

After checking several options, here you go:

  • Metronome X – this is great and the current one I’m using it.
  • TapNTune – this is all-in-one type, with tuner and metronome. The good thing here is the beat and division capability. Excellent for Flamenco! http://jnote.org/47 – download at the end of the page
  • Metronome – this one is really nice, with accelerator, timer and several options for compass. http://members.ozemail.com.au/~ronfleckner/metronome/

Have fun!