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Coroa de Ouro – now in Apple Music

Coroa de Ouro is now also available in Apple Music (as well as in all other digital platforms). Hope you enjoy! And stay tuned, more songs coming soon.

Coroa de Ouro – Single Released

I’m quite happy to have my single released: Coroa de Ouro!

Amuse, I’m impressed with the fantastic service!

A Sua Coroa de Ouro é Mariô – Instrumental

Maybe this is one of my best mixes so far. Thanks for everyone who has being patient to listen my try outs… learning by doing, while focusing on music, which is my priority. 

This is a “public domain” song, recorded as a Capoeira song by Rafael de Lemba, and I’ve decided to record purely instrumental.

Instruments recorded:

  • 6 strings guitar
  • 8 strings guitar
  • Cajon with brushes
  • Cuíca

Berimbau, from Baden Powell

I’ve always loved that song and have been playing it for sometime. However, I’ve never heard a version with the full “Bateria” from a “Roda de Capoeira”, therefore, here’s my try.

I’ve perhaps didn’t emphasise the mix in one instrument and would need to re-work, but here you have it. Comments are most welcome! 

Instruments recorded:

  • Berimbau viola
  • Berimbau centro médio
  • Berimbau gunga
  • 7 string guitar
  • 6 string guitar
  • Pandeiro
  • Cajon


Improvisation with Berimbau

I’m trying to explore different instruments from Brazil with a spicy mix.

Please check this improvisation, based on the song “A Morte da Capoeira”. Guitar and Berimbau recorded. I’ve used my 8 string guitar for it.

Minhas Músicas no Soundcoud

Trazendo o Souclound para esse blog, segue as músicas que coloquei por lá. Todas gravadas sempre com o meu amigo violão :-). Deixe seu comentário!

Cai Cai Balão

Cai Cai Balão
Pedro’s first time in the studio, recording :-), just before he turns 4 years old. And at the end you can hear Nara’s special participation saying “papai”
Voice: Pedro Harati
Guitars: Abdallah Harati

Cai Cai Balão
Primeira gravação do Pedro no estúdio :-), pro volta de 20 dias antes de completar 4 anos. E no fim, você escuta a participação especial da Nara dizendo “papai”.
Voz: Pedro Harati
Violões: Abdallah Harati

Marilene (Pixinguinha)

Composição: Pixinguinha (1951)
Arranjos: Grupo Cá Entre Nós
Flauta: Carolina de Hollanda
Cavaquinho: Eduardo Gisi (Dudu)
Violão 7 cordas: Abdallah Harati
Pandeiro: Renato Amorim

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Composer: Pixinguinha (1951)
Arrangement: Grupo Cá Entre Nós
Flute: Carolina de Hollanda
Cavaquinho: Eduardo Gisi (Dudu)
7 Strings Guitar: Abdallah Harati
Pandeiro: Renato Amorim

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Magoado (Dilermando Reis)

Composição: Dilermando Reis (1954)
Arranjos: Abdallah Harati
Violões 6a, 6b e 7 cordas: Abdallah Harati

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Composer: Dilermando Reis (1954)
Arrangement: Abdallah Harati
Guitars 6a, 6b & 7 strings: Abdallah Harati

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Estudo Infantil n.1

Estudo Infantil nº1
Composição: Abdallah Harati (2008)
Arranjos: Abdallah Harati
Violão: Abdallah Harati

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Estudo Infantil nº1
Composer: Abdallah Harati (2008)
Arrangement: Abdallah Harati
Guitar: Abdallah Harati

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