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Caçador – New Single is Released!

New song released today, Caçador is my latest “baby”. Quite an adventure to create this one and I’m pleased to share the background with you. The instruments recorded:

  • Guitar – I’ve used my 8 strings guitar;
  • Berimbau – Tuned to follow the guitar, and I must say, it is always a challenge to get the Berimbau in tune;
  • Shekere – in the last part.
  • Kalabaça – just in the introduction.

I’m truly passioned about mixing Berimbau and Guitar. It does require adjusting the coming and rhythm of the Guitar comping and I simply love that.

Berimbau, an African instrument used also for Capoeira (Brazilian martial art – one of my passions), is played in different rhythms, which are called “Toques” in Portuguese. Each “Toque” defines the pace and the style you play Capoeira. In this song, I’ve used Iúna.

Iúna is a bird and the name of a Capoeira  “Toque” and “Jogo” used for graduated students. And better than too many words, here you have invitation to listen the song below. I hope you enjoy!