Jatobá – public domain Capoeira song arranged for Berimbau and Guitar.

Jana Crivelli: Berimbau & Voice

Urška Zore: Voice

Tabea Doll: Voice

Iná Maia: Voice

Alexandra Dobryn: Voice

Mara Leone: Voice

Abdallah Harati: Guitar

Vibrações, Jacob do Bandolim

A Sua Coroa de Ouro é Mariô – Instrumental

Maybe this is one of my best mixes so far. Thanks for everyone who has being patient to listen my try outs… learning by doing, while focusing on music, which is my priority. 

This is a “public domain” song, recorded as a Capoeira song by Rafael de Lemba, and I’ve decided to record purely instrumental.

Instruments recorded:

  • 6 strings guitar
  • 8 strings guitar
  • Cajon with brushes
  • Cuíca

Berimbau, from Baden Powell

I’ve always loved that song and have been playing it for sometime. However, I’ve never heard a version with the full “Bateria” from a “Roda de Capoeira”, therefore, here’s my try.

I’ve perhaps didn’t emphasise the mix in one instrument and would need to re-work, but here you have it. Comments are most welcome! 

Instruments recorded:

  • Berimbau viola
  • Berimbau centro médio
  • Berimbau gunga
  • 7 string guitar
  • 6 string guitar
  • Pandeiro
  • Cajon


Improvisation with Berimbau

I’m trying to explore different instruments from Brazil with a spicy mix.

Please check this improvisation, based on the song “A Morte da Capoeira”. Guitar and Berimbau recorded. I’ve used my 8 string guitar for it.


Popular song from Brazil, unknown composer.
Janaina is the name.
I made the arrangements and recorded all instruments and voice.
This was a very interesting exercise as trying to stick as much as possible to the original melody was a challenge. The questions is: what’s the original melody? Found one or two records of the song and went to my childhood memories to find it out.
Instruments recorded:
– 3 berimbaus: gunga, médio and viola
– xequerê africano
– pandeiro
– cuíca
– 2 guitars: 6 and 7 strings, all acoustic, nylon guitars

Música brasileira de domínio público.
Gravei todos os instrumentos.
Foi um exercício interessante. Buscar a melodia original foi um desafio. Existem poucas gravações dessa música, no máximo uma ou duas. Procurei minha memória musical da infância e cheguei nesse resultado.
Instrumentos gravados:
– 3 berimbaus: gunga, médio e viola
– xequerê africano
– pandeiro
– cuíca
– 2 violões: 6 e 7 cordas, violões de nylon.

Escala Maior | Major Scale

Video sobre a escala maior e como eu estudo no violão.

Video about the major scale and how I practice in the guitar

Brejeiro, Ernesto Nazareth

Sometime ago, I’ve recorded few baselines for Choro, which I consider very important for guitar players as well as for other musicians to understand what the guitar is playing and fill in with the other instruments.

So the first video of the series was the introduction to the song Brejeiro, from Ernesto Nazareth.

Hope you find it useful!

EarMaster Review

It is very important to practice “soft skills” in music. Ear Training is probably one of the key aspects of the music studies very commonly overlooked by most of the people.

Why should you invest your precious time in Ear Training? Very simple, you will become a better musician.

There’s no rocket science here. EarTraining means you can sing notes before you play, you can identify the type of chords (major, minor, dominant, augmented, etc), intervals, scales and etc.

There are several ways to practice that. Technology came to help us and you can find many software and applications. 

My preferred one is Ear Master as it simply combines everything in a nice iPad app, with all the functionalities I need. The additional benefits of using a software like that one for music is the fact you get all analytics, progress development and statistics. You can compare your evolution and define goals. And as a side effect, you have it on the go, as it is installed the tablet as well as in your notebook or desktop. All synchronized, so whatever you have completed in one device is already updated everywhere.

Life is getting easier for guitar, piano, flute, clarinet students. And not only them, for all musicians, all instruments. Excuses to not to study are getting over and over. So roll your leaves on and get your Ear Training studies up to speed!


My view review:

Adeus Povo Bom

After a very nice capoeira training and getting inspired by a beautiful song, decided to record with the guitar.

Adeus Povo Bom, meaning farewell good people.