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Playlist Submission

I maintain several playlists in Spotify and Apple Music. My idea is always to help artists all over the world to propagate their songs in the most different platforms. As long as it follows the genres I’m absolutely passionated about like jazz, fusion, worldmusic and acoustically recorded (I’m open to listen also electronic but my preference is clearly on the acoustic side). Please notice that I’m not only focusing in Brazilian songs. I do love latin jazz, salsa, flamenco, African jazz, Asian jazz and here we go!

Once the song is accepted, it will be added to one of my playlists in Spotify and/or Apple Music. I’m also happy to refer to it in my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Feel free to submit your song and stay tuned. I promise to listen it and revert!

How to submit:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Link to the song
  • Tell me about the song, why this should go to one of my playlists and also
  • social media
  • Send to my email: abdallah@abdallahharati.com