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Berimbau (Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes)

This has been always an amazing song for me. Lots of emotions since I’ve learned it, directly from the master Baden Powell, via his recordings. Believe me or not, I believe I’ve started Capoeira because of it. Today I’m honored. Berimbau is released and you can listen below. Even more, as I had the pleasure […]

Play Along – One Chord

If you want to practice improvisation, scales and etc, it is very nice to have “someone” playing a one chord vamp for certain time. I am recording a series of 5 min videos and believe you could benefit from that.

Caçador Photo Shooting

It is a tremendous benefit to count with a “in-house” photographer, which is also part of Harati Media. Here you have all pictures done for Caçador single. Photo credits by Petja Harati (https://www.petjaharati.com/)

Baixarias (Bass Line)- Violão de 7 Cordas (7 Strings Guitar)

Not always you have the opportunity to listen only the 7 strings guitar track. Thanks to Boca Rica, I was invited to play the very traditional guitar to his new album and song Mundo de Ilusão. That’s back to my roots, Dino 7 Cordas “school”. Fantastic production and arrangement by Maurício Ribeiro. I was blessed […]

Caçador – New Single is Released!

New song released today, Caçador is my latest “baby”. Quite an adventure to create this one and I’m pleased to share the background with you. The instruments recorded: Guitar – I’ve used my 8 strings guitar; Berimbau – Tuned to follow the guitar, and I must say, it is always a challenge to get the […]

My Current IT Gear for Audio and Video

I just noticed it has been long time I don’t update what gear I am using for audio and recently, video recording. I’m my “open book” practice, and sharing everything I use. Also, would be happy to answer questions, listen recommendations and comments. At the end, we all learn a lot from the collaboration and […]

Curumim and Estudo Infantil N. 1 – Singles Released!

My son Pedro was born almost 13 years ago and it was such an important “source” of inspiration. I will save all the details of parenthood, which is something I would call as life transformational. Still, around 2 years later, my daughter Nara was born and more music was produced. The songs I’ve made for […]

Playlist Campaign

Musicians: you all know how important is to get heard once your song is out in the digital platforms. Are you a non mainstream independent musician and/or group, in the indie, jazz, fusion, choro, samba, baião, forró, côco, maracatu, flamenco and world music space?    Get to know “The Unknown Space” playlist and feel free to […]

Maraca de Prata released!

Today, Maraca de Prata is released. Song from Mestre Humberto de Maracanã, and the style is known as Boi Bumbá, Boi, Boi do Maranhão or Bumba Meu Boi. You can see below the video we made together with Mestre Boca Rica, the one who came with the suggestion to me. What a journey to reach […]

A Morte do Capoeira

One more single released today. Thanks a lot to Amuse (https://www.amuse.io) for the outstanding service. Truly appreciate you exist 🙂 This is an interesting song, to mix berimbau and guitar, with lots of improvisation. A cool experimentation for me.